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Mitten-shaped art palette

autorzy: Baekho Kang

Abstract of Invention Description Summary: Please refer to the attached drawing. The Mitten-shaped art palette is worn on your hands like big mittens. The plastic pallets used in the past have been mostly used with the thumb in the hole and the palm of the hand supporting the floor. First of all, when the pallet got water on it, the floor was too slippery to hold, and after 10 minutes with my thumb on, my thumb hurt so much that I put it down frequently on the floor or desk, so the art work was slow. To make up for such shortcomings, I came up with a mittens-shaped art palette. The advantage of this palette is that if you look at drawings 1 and 2, the top part is made of plastic in the shape of mittens, and the space is used to squeeze as many colors as possible, and 19 colors can be used at once. As in drawing 3, the back of the palette is attached to the rim of the cotton quilted cloth to secure a hand-in-hand space. Drawing No. 4 shows a hand in the pallet. Even if you hold up your palette for about an hour, your thumb hurts or your palms are slippery, and you can focus on drawing pictures conveniently because your pallets and your hands become one. Features (Technical): The Mitten-shaped art palette makes your hands and pallets feel like one. It can also be easily dried and reused after use. Since the material is made of quilted cloth, the fabric absorbs water during the art work, so the pallet does not slip from the hand. Even if you hold it for a long time, your arm will not hurt or your fingers will not hurt. With the palette in hand, you can put down the hand lamp covered with a quilted cloth on the table for a while and then work again. Application area: I think it would be a good item if the hot pack used mainly for winter came out in the shape of these mittens. This is because it is common to lose or drop hot packs that you carry around in your hands.


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