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Pet Comb

autorzy: HO Hing Lun

Not only human, the pets are required to have a shower regularly to prevent from any skin condition, even some pets do not go out very often. Cat is one of the examples. They seldom play out of home, but owners needed to clean their body by using brush or take a shower for them. Meanwhile, some owners may think that it is much more convenient if the brush is already pasted with the pet’s shampoo to take a shower for their cats. The brush stores the pet’s shampoo which could be easily pushed out for shower. The brush could also be used as normal comb to tidy up the cat hair. For creativity, as the brush in the current market is not combined with the shampoo, that is not convenient to the customer. By combining these two product, the customer may have a 2-in-1 product to have a shower for their cats, and no need to get the shampoo while showering. The cost of it is invention is a bit lower than buying two items together, it is convenient for the customer to clean their cats. It saves the shampoo while cleaning the cats and help for removing the hair. It surely will attract a lot of pet lover. It contributes to many pet owners. They share that it is inconvenient to take a shower to their cats, because they need to stop the cat from escape and get the shampoo simultaneously. Therefore, if the shampoo is stored in the brush and it will be easy to push out for shower, this product could help the users to take a shower for their cats easily.

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