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Pack to Store – A cloth storage device with packing function

autorzy: CHAN Nga Hei

For Hong Kong citizens, the accommodation in Hong Kong is small, they usually have a busy life and live in a small house. In order to maximize the living space, people in Hong Kong love to minimize items occupancy, in which the clothes are the necessary items of living. Also, after washing the clothes, it takes time to pack the clothes for storage. Therefore, it makes life easy if there is a measure to help people to save time and minimize storage. : The “Pack to Store” is used to pack the clothes tightly, and the clothes are clipped inside the “Pack to Store”, so they could be stored neatly in the cabinet to reduce the occupancy. Moreover, it could help the user to find the clothes easily. It also has a mount to store a piece of mothball to prevent the clothes from damaging by insects. For creativity, it is able to find the product for folding the clothes in the market, but it does not allow to clip the cloth for storage. This invention could assist the users to fold the clothes and keep the cloth store tidily in any cabinet format. : The cost of “Pack to Store” is low is around 50 cents because it is plastic-made. They are also easy to use, because it just uses a few steps to fold the clothes neatly. With the clipping function, the cloth could be stored one by one in the cabinet. It is beneficial to the family living in a small house or the people with many clothes. It is helpful to everyone who has to pack the clothes themselves, especially housekeeper and children. Since the housekeeper has many work at home, including cooking, cleaning and clothes packing, it could help them to save time from clothes packing. Moreover, some children may not know how to pack clothes, so this invention could assist them to pack the clothes.

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