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Portable Clothes Rack


This clothes hanger brings us a lot of convenience, and the method of using it is very simple. You only need to have a door, fix the hanger onto it and connect the extendable rod. It is easy to carry and convenient to use when going out. My product can eliminate the problem of having no place to hang clothes when going out. In addition, soft glue is added to the fixed position of the holder to allow it to be fixed on the door to protect the door. The extendable rod and the holder are separated to make it more convenient to carry. And the length of the rod can be determined by yourself. For the promotion, firstly, we can promote it in different furniture and retail stores after the product has been recognized. It can be promoted on the online shopping platform to let more people know about such product. In addition, it benefits people, especially family users. The cost is only HK10.

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