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Mask-Close Patch

autorzy: SUMIN, SHIM

Abstract of Invention Summary of explanation: COVID-19 The idea was designed to solve the problem of not filtering properly because the mask did not stick to the skin, Kim Seo-rim, and the nose squeeze because the skin of the medical staff was crushed by the mask and the medical staff could see the doctor at least a little more comfortably. The use of polyurethane elastomo material, which is washable and easy to recycle, minimizes the cost and waste that is continuously spent, and the material is harmless to the human body, making it safe for everyone of all ages to use. The design is designed to make it more convenient and practical for practical use in everyday life by different sizes and shapes of each face. Feature (Technicality) : 1. More reliable filtering-More reliable filtering is possible in the form of a patch that matches the size of the face with a well-ventilated nose, jaw, and sideball. 2. Anti-cold eyeglasses - The wind escapes towards the nose when you exhale, so when you attach a patch to the nose, it prevents the eyeglasses from getting misty. 3. Reduced skin friction-Silicon is attached to areas that are adhering to the skin, reducing injury or friction caused by crushing on the nose support. 4. Reusable-Use polyurethane elastomer new material for washing and reuse to minimize ongoing expenses and waste. 5. Touch less of a mask-Mask often goes down when talking or moving a lot There were many situations where I touched or took off the mask. Therefore, if the mask sticks well to the skin using a mask-tight patch, it will not go down well and touch the mask less. Nose design--Round ends, thick nose supports to reduce friction and minimize crushing due to nose support, so as not to dry well. Jaw Design-With a chin-to-end mask and a chin-to-bottom mask, the jaw patch is designed in a slightly V-shape that is thinner and sharper at the end so that both chin and chin can be attached regardless of the size of the mask. Sideball design--Design in two sizes and a constant thickness so that the ends can be made in a straight line and attached according to the size of the mask.

Zdrowie / Medycyna / Fitness

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