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Design of Rehabilitation system with remote control capability

autorzy: Hajar Sadeghi, Alireza Salmani, Seyed Reza Mousavi, Maedeh Fakhrodini

This invention is associated with power systems in different parts of the body, such as hands, feet, waist, knee, elbow and head, with heat therapy, cold therapy of temperature control, control of fingers, controlling fingers, magneto therapy and rush therapy and motion modification The finger is applied. Also, in order to prevent the complications of potential damage and control of these injuries in patients with sensory deprivation and other people such as tennis, gamers and ordinary in the community. One of the stages of treatment before complete recovery is rehabilitation or rehabilitation of the lost force, which is done in different ways. One of the major methods of rehabilitation is physiotherapy, which is widely used as a clinical unit to rehabilitate the lost force. The intelligent rehabilitation system, which is designed to be portable, acts like a physiotherapy center and rehabilitates the lost force. The smart system generally consists of a processor, monitor and rehabilitation elements, recharge ability, remote control and a user control panel that is portable and programmable. It is used to rehabilitate hand muscle strength and stimulate muscles, increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the area, which with the solution of this system can be effective in controlling these complications. With the mass production of this system, we can help patients to prevent and control problems in this field and the daily stresses of people to relieve daily fatigue and stress, both in patients and ordinary people in the community. 4. Medicine - Health Care - Cosmetics


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