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Modular bed for 3D As an alternative for support structure in 3D printing process

autorzy: Ehsan Marzban Shirkharkolaei, Morteza Hosseinzadeh Amirdehi, Mehran Ghasempour-Mouziraji

Based on the recent advances in the field of technology and raw material in 3D printing, the importance of this method for producing industrial parts has been increased. Also, this method has been used as an alternative for traditional methods of manufacturing. So, improving process parameters by reducing the time and cost and raw material has been accentuated by various research groups. In the current invention, a modular bed with adjustable pins in the deposition direction is used as an alternative for connected support structure. although, in this method, the support structure is totally removed but the adjustable pin plays a main role as s support structure that resulted in the reducing the time and the amount of material for deposition of structure and removing support after the deposition. This modular bed can be used in the FDM method. In the current invention, where the support structure is required, the adjustable pin moves in the printing direction and play as an alternative for connected support structure. Each pins move separately which is connected to a coupling and motor to adjust the height and to adjust the height, an encoder is used which is connected to the motor.


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