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Harvesting energy from water vapor in dams

autorzy: Melika Forouzand, Mahta Piri, Dorsa Moradi, Baran Khalili

Evaporation is a ubiquitous phenomenon in the natural environment and a dominant form of energy transfer in the Earth’s climate. Engineered systems rarely, if ever, use evaporation as a source of energy In this invention we came up with an idea and created a new artificial muscle that can generate electricity from water vapor. The material is made up of polymer film The new material changes its shape after absorbing tiny amounts of evaporated water, allowing it to repeatedly curl up and down. Harnessing this continuous motion could drive robotic limbs or generate enough electricity to power micro electronic devices. it can harvest energy from wasted form of water and it can be reused and return to a cycle and it can even be converted to a mean of maintaining electrical energy . The earth’s atmosphere holds water in the form of water droplets or vapor, accounting up to ∼10% of freshwater sources and providing ∼50 000 km3 water. Additionally, the natural hydrologic cycle enables a sustainable water supply. Thus, atmospheric water harvesting becomes a promising strategy for decentralized water production, overcoming the challenges of long-distance transport or delivery of potable water in rural areas. According to the data this resource could be used and it’s feasible invention mostly in rural areas


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