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Puzzle Cranioplasty Mesh Structure

autorzy: Diyana Shafiei, Sana Esmaeli

Cranial implants are used to repair bone defects following neurosurgery or trauma. The purpose of cranioplasty is to provide cerebral protection, restore aesthetics and relieve neurological symptoms. At present, there is a lack symmetry and the doctor may lose alot of time while cutting these mesh . The benefits of this approach are for example lighter structures, less material being implanted, and a reduction of metal artefacts in X-ray imaging. However, thin structures with complex geometries add difficulties to imaging method since intricate support structures and additional post-processing might be required. The implant is inspired from a football and puzzle and it specimens represent a generic shape with an idealized curved circular geometry 80 mm. The radius of the curvature was 90 mm, which corresponds to an average skull curvature . The rods in the titanium mesh structure had a circular cross-section, with a diameter of 1.2 mm. The titanium structures were produced in medical grade process, which was followed by bead blasting.

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