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Flexible walls With Nonlinear Behaviour

autorzy: Maryam Eshraghian , Mahla Moazzenikia

This invention is based on modern architecture and it’s a combination of Origami and moredn art. we came up with an idea that our current solid walls could convert to a flexible and portable wall and change in hight or even in wight . The basic module above is a 3-dimensional cross of twelve sticks arranged with three sticks along each of the long diagonals of a cube. The sticks are joined with tubing at the corners of the cube, so the joint in the The method is first applied to simple unsupported flexible panels. Unstable deformations of these panels are seen to be dominated by the fundamental mode. When some panel damping is incorporated, the panel ultimateto the hydrodynamic stiffness pressure field generated by large-amplitude disturbances. center where all the sticks cross is flexible.


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