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Enameled wire machine

autorzy: Yu Dejiang Yu Desong Wang Shijun Lou Yaowen Yi Jiashuo

The diameter of enameled wire of the same specification is slightly different. When setting the diameter of the cutting ring, the existing enameled wire grinder can only adjust the knife according to the minimum diameter, which causes excessive cutting of most enameled wire and reduces the ability of wire passing through the current. In order to solve this problem, this invention provides a reciprocating motion elastic grinding machine grinding head enameled wire, copper motor shaft on the right side of guide rail, guide rail tops the slider, sliding block roller, roller lateral is eccentric annulus, under the effect of spring, the roller pressure on the inner wall of the eccentric annulus, enameled wire placed along the axis, the following is a chopping board, the above is grinding head, grinding head, copper is polished, with his hand raise grinding head, plug wire between the grinding head and the chopping board, motor shaft rotation, with the hand to pull enameled wire, finish grinding, polishing, enameled wire makes no turn, slider driven grinding head and reciprocating motion, moving along the enameled wire for circular cylinder is enameled wire pull along the axial direction, The ring is polished into a cylinder, and elastic grinding is formed under the action of spring. The grinding head is made of copper, which only grinds the insulating paint and does not grind the wire copper, so as to solve the problem that the existing enameled wire grinder reduces the wire's ability to pass current too much.

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