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Pipeline Detection Device Of Rainwater Well

autorzy: Jerry

With the development of modern cities, underground pipelines have become a very important part of the city, but the underground pipelines are not easy to see and easy to jam, especially in rainy days, which will increase the burden of urban life. Because of the congestion of water channels in rainy days, the road rainwater spreads and accumulates, forming the phenomenon of "looking at the sea" and "lakes" It is common that when encountering severe weather such as heavy rain, flooding has become the city's normal. In view of this actual situation, after the completion of the sewer construction, it is not possible to demolish and construct at will. It is the key to solve the problem to be able to briefly check the congestion of the sewer. In view of this, this paper proposes the sewer congestion combined with SCM technology Detection device. The invention takes the single chip microcomputer as the control core, combines the ultrasonic ranging module, the sound detection module, the key control circuit, the active buzzer module, the liquid crystal display screen and other parts to form the hardware circuit.

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