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A remotely paying and interactive advertising machine with energy conservation

autorzy: Dongri Shen

Cities are decorated with gorgeous and colorful advertisement animation. The advertising machines in the types of LED light box and LCD large screen can be seen everywhere in cities including various advertising machines installed in schools. However, we observe that there are often a large number of idle advertising mechines, which leads to a waste of resource. At the same time, the advertising management is too complex to advertise and use advertising machines for most people. For these issues, we have designed a remotely interactive advertising machine which is on the concept for energy conservation and environmental protection, and the control core is MCU. The connection control is realized by using the self-developed APP on Bluetooth and Android systems. The hardware circuit is composed of the photoelectric sensor and the button control circuit. The technology of sensor, photoelectric detection, automatic control, and C language are integrated. The features of the advertising machine include using mobile phones to manage advertising information, inserting or editing the sequence of advertisements, adjusting the screen brightness automatically, intelligent control of power on and off, realizing self-power supply by using solar or wind power and so on.

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