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Constant temperature comfortable air conditioning epidemic protective clothing

autorzy: DuanZeYou

A sudden epidemic has changed our lives and made the work of many medical staff more dangerous and arduous. I am very grateful to see them working for more than 10 hours. It was so cold that they had to go out to receive patients before they could change their clothes. They had no time to go to the bathroom. They had to wear adult diapers to solve the problem on site. Although they absorbed urine, it was still wet. The indoor air circulation was not good, and it was humid and hot. Because of the benevolence of doctors, I can't calm down and calm the surging heart waves. Therefore, I designed a "constant temperature and comfortable air conditioning epidemic protection clothing". The specific functions and characteristics are as follows: (1) Constant temperature air conditioning system: the protective clothing can realize automatic temperature control. When the body surface temperature is lower than 22 ℃, the temperature and humidity sensor system will automatically sense and respond to the "zigzag" carbon fiber heating plate on the back acupoints to automatically raise the temperature, so as to ensure the cold problem of medical staff going out in cold weather; when the temperature reaches 27 ℃, PN junction refrigeration technology is applied to match the fan cooling system to solve the problem of medical staff Long time work and indoor temperature is too high; the use of digital tube real-time display changes in temperature, convenient for medical staff to master the situation. (2) Comfortable urination system, leg side urine collection device can be changed at will. With special waterproof polymer material and drainage catheter device, the urine is dredged to the side collection bottle on the upper right leg (similar to the position of a dagger on the side of the arm's leg). The medical staff can urinate continuously on the same day by changing the urine collection bottle. (3) Tips: ① Because Xinguan epidemic can be transmitted by airflow, the fan also needs to wear a "Mask" for ventilation. ② When urinating, the humidity sensor detects and delays 2 minutes to turn on the fan to further keep the urination area dry and comfortable. ③ According to the physiological characteristics of men and women, different styles of waterproof underwear are designed to facilitate smooth catheterization. In order to avoid embarrassment, the dark color connotation urine bottle design allows users to urinate at ease and change the bottle quietly, so that patients and other medical staff can not find it directly. This work takes the open source software and hardware as the control core, combines the non-contact temperature and humidity module, carbon fiber heating technology, PN junction cooling system module, digital tube module and other parts to form the hardware circuit. The programming software uses C language technology environment to protect the medical staff.

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