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Garbage classification management system

autorzy: Wang Jiayue

Garbage classification is not only a technical problem, but also a problem to be solved in the development of social civilization and comprehensive treatment. The author designs a garbage classification management system, hoping to solve this problem effectively. The specific scheme is as follows: (1) Publicity, education, free distribution, exchange bank, garbage classification five dimensional management system. (2) Publicity and education: carry out closed-loop publicity and education through multi-dimensional lattice management modules such as communities and scenic spots. (3) Degradable plastic bags with obvious color difference were distributed to the public free of charge through government behavior, community public welfare, scenic spot gift, enterprise advertising sponsorship, etc. combined with publicity and education, the public were allowed to subjectively put in garbage to complete the first garbage classification. For example: green is recyclable garbage bag, blue is kitchen waste bag, red is harmful garbage bag, gray is other garbage bag. (4) referring to general secretary Xi Jinping's practice as secretary of Zhengding County Party committee in Hebei Province, the garbage bank was set up in the closed loop area of the lattice, and the people were able to bring the classified recyclable garbage to the exchange point of the garbage bank. According to certain standards, some household articles and tour tickets and souvenirs were exchanged for a recyclable garbage disposal. (5) Research cleaning workers, design the garbage sorting system, according to the distribution of different colors of garbage bagging, the first round of intelligent sorting and sorting of garbage. With LEGO ev3 as the control core, combined with intelligent management projects such as color sensor sorting mechanism and motor module, the author built a sorting system that can intelligently identify the color of garbage bags and sort the corresponding garbage. According to the "zone of proximal development" algorithm, the second round focuses on the inspection of hazardous waste and recyclable garbage to reduce work costs.

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