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Smart reservation elevator

autorzy: Wang Yunduan

The elevator is mainly controlled by intelligent algorithm, which integrates the relevant characteristics of big data, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, mobile Internet of Things and other technologies. Mobile phone and screen to check the number of people inside and outside the elevator, no one keeps, intelligent identification, intelligent timing and safety protection and other functions. Innovation: (1) You can check the current number of people inside and outside the elevator by mobile phone. (2) The number of people inside and outside the elevator can be checked inside and outside the elevator. (3) You can use your mobile phone to make reservations for the elevator to go up and down the stairs in the office. (4) It can automatically identify the real-time number of people waiting to enter the elevator on the floor, and it will not stop when there is no one on the floor. (5) Big data analysis can be carried out, and the countdown time of the elevator arrival can be displayed to the personnel waiting to enter and exit the floor. (6) The floor occupants and guests can be automatically identified, the occupants can come and go freely, and the guests need to be invited by the occupants to come and go.

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