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Printing Ink Film

autorzy: Jinmao Li, Hangxi Lin, Xingyao Wang, Kexing Lan, Youyi Hu

In this environment, there are still students who use a lot of paper and waste it. This phenomenon is even more pronounced in China. In school, we use a lot of paper to copy and print the same material, but this waste can be avoided. In order to help students and staff, we have created a more quick and environmentally friendly text, called picture transfer work. The invention’s idea is mainly to provide convenience for teachers, students and office workers to intercept ink printed documents to extract fragments. To make it work, open the transparent film and put it on top of the desired text or image that needs to be copied. Cover the text or image with the adhesive side and press the film for few seconds and uncover it. Put the copied text or image into a clean sheet where you want to transfer the files. We came up with this invention since no photocopying machine is available at all time in any circumstances so if you have a printing ink film that’ll make your work easier and quick especially for students or even office workers who have to deal with no ink supply photocopying machine. It can make work easier, quicker and time-saving since it can be carried anywhere and only few seconds that is needed in order to copy the text or image into another sheet.


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