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Multi – SAVER Cane (Multifunctional Safety Aid for the Visually Impaired and Elderly in Roadside)

autorzy: Yzhae Marrione C. Villaruel

The prototype of my invention was designed to address the prevalent issues of pedestrian lane and/or road accidents wherein Senior Citizens and the Visually Impaired (Persons-with-Disability) especially the Visually Impaired are mostly the victims. Motorists do not see the Senior Citizens and/or Persons-with-Disability crossing the street from a distance. Based from the Metro Manila Development Authority’s 2005-2015 Metro Manila’s accident recording and analysis system, an average of 18 pedestrians a day were injured. MMDA Road Safety Unit said that pedestrians tend to look out for huge vehicles but fail to consider motorcycles swerving in all direction. The primary goal was to create a Light-Emitting-Diode Cane which will serve as a warning for the motorists that someone is walking or crossing the street even from a great distance. A portion of the shaft or body of the cane – made up of a frosted acrylic tube and a RUNNING red LED – when turned on is advantageous to prevent the Senior Citizens and Persons-with Disability (Visually Impaired) from being hit by motorists whether during nighttime or rainy weather. Furthermore, a Retractable secondary shaft provides balance and durability with built-in trifold umbrella for comfortability. A white LED was also placed on the adjustable head of the cane to give better view of the road ahead. Sets of micro solar cell provides source of power. Furthermore, the LED cane was not only created to ensure their roadside safety, but as well as monitoring their health condition. The MULTI-S.A.V.E.R CANE (MULTIFUNCTIONAL SAFETY AID FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED AND ELDERLY IN ROADSIDE CANE) is an efficient and effective invention to increase awareness, empathy and respect for the rights of Senior Citizens and the Persons-with-Disability.

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