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SUPER CLOTH: Aroma-Releasing Fabric with Antimicrobial and Insect Repellent Activity from Sandalwood (Santalum album) Oil

autorzy: Kyla Czarina Q. CELLO and Jason B. ALBARO

An Aroma-releasing Fabric having Antimicrobial and Insect Repellent Feature The present Utility Model relates to an aroma-releasing fabric having antimicrobial and insect repellent feature that would generate pleasant smell and protect user or nearer from bacterial infections and insect attacks or bites. The aroma-releasing fabric having antimicrobial and insect repellent feature is obtainable by a process comprising steps of: a preparing fabric material made of cotton; b. soaking the prepared fabric material made of cotton into a diluted essential oil with 30% sandalwood oil concentration; and c. air-drying the sandalwood oil-soaked fabric material made of cotton. Since textiles are far tormented by environmental factors such as microbial ecology and mosquito menace, it is necessary to produce an effective fiber product that can maintain its best quality. The Super Cloth is a developed fabric consisting of different combined features and concepts that were packaged in an all-in-one fabric cloth suited for all people particularly the athletes, workers, as well as for children, and is also mainly used for bed sheets, curtains, hospital and laboratory purposes. It also gives solution to certain concerns of people regarding odor as it could neutralize the smell along with discharged aroma. The study aims to create a fabric that can accommodate various properties all in one cloth which will be used in many different ways. Also, the study was conducted to find the right materials and methods needed in this design in order to generate the envisioned final product. Specifically, this study will seek to prove the effectiveness of sandalwood oil’s antimicrobial activity when applied to the fabric, examine the efficiency of the insect repellent property of the sandalwood oil, and observe the aroma-released by the treated fabric. The findings of this study will redound to the benefit of the society considering that it can help in making people’s lives comfortably. Aside from all of these, the study could also be highly significant and beneficial especially to the following areas: Domestic Use, Clothing Manufacturers and Retailers, Sports Apparel Industry, Field of Medicine, Industrial Setting, Health and Hygiene, Research and Innovation.

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