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Confucius’ water theory in slovak nature

autorzy: Lujza Lea Lavrikoa

My paper should be the result of my work, knowledge and investigation. Water is a substance, that every creature, every little plant, EVERYONE needs to stay alive. My grandma‘s well dried, my dad is the author of an idea of waste separation in our town. It was one of the first towns in Slovakia that started to separate. Back there, I wasn‘t even here on this world. These facts are the reason why I started investigating why water is disappearing.I watched, made photos, and I thought.I want to bring „more water“ to world, make my own small step to save our planet. Through books and documents I travelled back to the times of ancient old wise man named Confucius interested me. Many of his ideas are still actual, these days when we are isolating ourselfs in our virtual worlds. In times of fights and conflicts in China, Confucius was born. He was the last child of his father and his only son. His father desired male descendant, so he choose 16 year old woman. But he died when Confucius was three. The family didn‘t care about them anymore.Confucius had difficult childhood, he worked and studied, too. His mother encouraged him very much. She wanted her son to became a high-class person. His mother soon died and Confucius was all alone. Confucius was quite ugly, quiet and shy, he didn‘t have many friends. He turned life‘s wounds into advantages. Because of his height and bold face people considered him an ugly giant and his only advantage was his intelligence. A member of powerful family have noticed how skilled young Confucius is. He made him a bookkeeper. In that time it was a very important work. Confucius improved everything he could. He started being bored. He decided to leave this work and he started to work as a teacher. He believed, that educated people become better. He had an opinion, that basic people with outstanding qualities should be promoted to rulers. He required honesty, grace and self-control from his students. He was famous as a teacher in whole China, but he knew, that for the realization of his plans he needs political power. He came to this power in his 50s. After some time the ruling families started to dislike him and wanted to get rid of him. Confucius felt ashamed and left with his students. They travelled all over China.After 13 years he returned back home and gave advice to rulers, for whom his favourite student worked. Sadly, the student became ill and died. Confucius got depressed and died in the age of 73 years. He died convinced, that he failed his mission. Confucius wrote only little of his philosophy, but his teachings carried on in his students and carried on trough generations of his followers. Confucius inspires tons of people even these days. Following his philosophy brings them success.

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