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The research of influence of saturation mode on parameters and characteristics of lined ferromagnetic materials and devices based on them

autorzy: Danilo Kulakov

We considered different methods of decreasing error connected with a calculation of parameters of electrical circuits with lined ferromagnetic materials in saturation mode inside. Also, we tested an improved method of defining their parameters, that’s calculated results, that so close to real values. Solving this problem, we used promising methods such as a transition from mean and root mean square values of signals to instantaneous values. As a result, we have more opportunities in our research. On average, the calculation error can be reduced close to 5%, depending on the defining parameter of the electrical circuit. The main purpose of our research was to verify the adequacy of the improved method of calculating the electromagnetic and energy parameters of electrical devices, which takes into account the saturation mode of the magnetic system. The actuality of our research can be explained by the fact, that in times of high technology it is very important to be able to correctly identify and evaluate the processes occurring in electrical devices, where a high error in calculating the parameters can lead to abnormal modes of operation. The main problem of our research was to verify the adequacy of calculations of the parameters of a circuit with a high degree of saturation of the magnetic system and testing methods for experimental determination of integral and instantaneous parameters of such circuit in the mathematical package Mathcad.




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