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Solar powered recycling garbage bin

autorzy: KIM ,SEONG - MIN

 After photovoltaic recycling separation compressor allows a solar panel on the top of compressor 100% solar power to produce electricity for PET and aluminum cans waste can be recycled using a roller compression method through the sensor compression was up to about 93%, automatically PET the aluminum can is the brainchild of separating and storing each of the containers. Anyone with eco-friendly recycling compressor that can be easily manipulated, than the regular trash bin about 5-6 times can be accumulated more recyclable waste, will be collected to assist in easy and eco-friendly advantage. -----------------------------  PV Recycling separate compressor can accumulate more around 4-5 times higher than normal bins with easy usage, labor-saving and collect rubbish in a subsequent compression also it allows saving and can be provided to the solution of environmental problems

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