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Bath that do not exceed the chin

autorzy: Kim, Min - Soo

Invention Abstract : When the elderly or people with disabilities is difficult to cross the tub bathe chin. But also it developed a bath for the disabled The number of extant issues and to resolve them Effects of the Invention : 1. The inclined portion so key to get into the bath through the lower angle of the ramp for small children or the elderly, fitting, fixture, non-slip section, the opening and closing door, a chair can be paid, and a booster seat. 2. Top of the bath to have a low slope is smoked plate that can be folded over the fitting to the space. Fitting is made of iron or metal plates have several overlapping it may be adjustable by sliding. 3. Stretched so that the fixing part inclined portion to securely hold when in contact with the floor, can be composed of rubber or the like having an adhesive force. To be configured in the non-slip top surface portion inclined portion, the friction may suitably be of a material that does not slide, can be made with the processed wood, such as washboard.

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia

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