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A Stroller lifts Camera mobils

autorzy: Kim, Eun - Young

Mount the camera features a stroller and pram cover inside enhance the creativity of children equipped with Mobil to help haejulsu around comfortably. While still causing the interests of the child, the baby has been able to see in real time the appearance of mother, child and mother is the brainchild configured to be comfortable out The basic purpose of the invention is being used in the baby carriage, and is used for the purpose of the mobile camera. Mobil itself to form inside the doll also has an effect that can soothe the crying of children, Guardians can view an image of the infant through a camera in real time ----------- The configuration of this invention is comprised of a baby carriage cover, mobile, camera, pram handle monitor. Stroller cover that is installed on strollers, usually attached to the side that made the children leave the room to cover up a chair to sit side infant's head.


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