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Equipped with gene recognition function missing person tracking system

autorzy: Edward Yang

Every year, the search for missing persons increases the number of administrative personnel deployed to public activities such as police officers and firefighters. It interferes with its original work. The present invention is an unmanned aerial vehicle with added gene biometric mounting function used in the disappearance of children, the elderly and dementia patients. More specifically, when a missing person occurs outdoors, the gene of the missing person's family is collected to locate the missing person. It also relates to the location tracking system of missing persons and how to control them so that location tracking can be done quickly and accurately by traditional RFID technology, as well as easily found by long-distance searchers. 2. purpose of invention The conventional technology is to attach a camera to an unmanned aerial vehicle, shoot and transmit it in the air. The technology of the present invention is a technology in which the color of a chromosome changes through chemical analysis when similar chromosomes are found in aerial photographs by carrying genetic chromosomes such as missing persons on unmanned aerial vehicles. It's easy to find missing persons. It also programs cell phones and other electronic devices owned by missing persons. It is also a multi-functional unmanned flight program that enables unmanned aerial vehicles to quickly and accurately track missing persons by operating a location tracking system with a slave Bluetooth module at radio RFID frequencies.

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia

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