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Height adjustable shoes

autorzy: Baekho Kang, Dahm Lee, Yumin Jeong

The present invention is 'height adjustable shoes'. These shoes are specialized for those who want to increase their height a little bit more than they are now. If you turn the spinning device installed on the heel of the shoe to the right, the floor inside the shoe goes up and the height looks bigger. The height can be adjusted from 1cm to 7cm, and the height of the heel in the shoe can be adjusted simply anytime, anywhere through a spinning device. There are already various height sneakers and shoes on the market that make you look taller. So far, there is a limitation in that thick insoles can be laid on the sole of shoes, heels of about 2 to 3cm that are already hidden inside, or heels can be adjusted through an air pump. Therefore, "height adjustable shoes" can be adjusted anywhere. (See Figure 3: Adjustable with adjustable levers) You can adjust various height heights of 1 to 7 cm, and the design is simple and luxurious so that they can go well with any suit and casual clothes. If necessary, a zipper can be attached to the side, made of fabric or leather, and made of shoes with a low neck. (See Figure 6) It is also a product that both women and men can wear. Finally, the height adjustment of the bottom surface of Figure 1 increases when Figure 4 is turned to the right, and decreases when Figure 5 is turned to the left

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia

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