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Biorhythm detector using brain waves and heart waves

autorzy: So Un Park

This invention is designed to compile the circadian rhythm of the human body, caused by multiple factors including brain waves and heart rates. It comprises funtions which detect physical/psychiatric ilnesses caused by negative emotions and stress. Especially, the generation Y and generation Z show increased usage of electronic devices, which cause their heart rates and brain waves to change irregularly, which can cause a new type of physical/psychiatric symptoms. In order to settle the troubles shown above, I invented a circadian rhythm detector which detects the user's bpm and brain waves by integrating EEG recording technology, biosensors, and IOT technology. Due to the progress of Information Technology, the market size of related businesses has increased, and the amount of computer users has escalated. However, as our social systems become more and more complex over time, mental stress and depression spreaded simultaneously, which calls for the restora -tion of a normal circadian rhythm. This invention detects the circadian rhythm of the user, which includes his/her body temperature, pulse ox, blood pressure, and heart rate. Then, it analyzes them, senses irregularities, enabling the user to cure his/her mental stress. Also, it encourages the user to exercise and rest regularly, ameliorating his/her physical activity and mental stability

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia

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