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3D printed honeycomb sidewalk block

autorzy: SUHO JANG

It is a sidewalk block extracted in the form of a honeycomb using a 3d printer, has a drainage function, and has secured durability by utilizing the honeycomb structure. Using the honeycomb structure, the durability was secured by dispersing the force applied to the structure, and at the same time, holes were drilled in each hexagon to secure the water permeability mud drainage function, which was pointed out as one of the disadvantages of existing concrete sidewalk blocks. Developing a material in which molecules are arranged in a hexagonal nanostructure will be useful in the construction field because it will secure excellent breathability and viscosity. As a result of the load test, it was confirmed that in the case of structures of the same area, the hexagonal structure endured more loads than the square structure. Therefore, it was decided to test whether a number of hexagonal structures smaller than the existing size could be selected and used as sidewalk blocks. In the case of sidewalk blocks, it was manufactured in conside -ration of the fractal structure because sidewalk blocks should be able to be bonded to each other

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia

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