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The Use of Calcium Carbonate as Carbon Dioxide Absorber from Philippine Slipper-Cupped Oyster ( Crassostrea Iredalei )

autorzy: Mary Lourdes P. Aceveda Aldrin Mitchell B. Macatangay Cristine R. Romero

Air pollution is one of the grave ailments of our environment. Being a developing country, the Philippines has used either charcoals and LPGs as their options for cooking. LPGs and charcoals emit harmful air pollutants that do not just contaminate air in an open space, but also defiles the air in a closed environment. These contamination pose certain ailments that threatens one’s health and we, the researchers, intent to construct a device that limits the discharge of air pollutants through the method of air filtration with the use of Philippine Slipper-Cupped Oyster (Crassostrea Iradalei)

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