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Architectural art of copper decoration

autorzy: Architectural art of copper decoration

copper Decoration Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, is the early creation, design and production of large-scale sculpture, copper art ornaments and copper doors and windows of cultural creative enterprises, specializing in large-scale art sculpture, landscape, copper decoration creative design, copper doors and windows design more than 20 years. Founder, Chinese foundry Craftsman, "Shanghai Craftsman", "Shanghai Wuyi Labor Medal" winner Mr. Li xiyue, artist, foundry and inventor, member of Chinese Sculptor Association, vice chairman of China Art Casting Association, director of Shanghai Invention Society. Shanghai Pu Yu The modern sculpture art, traditional casting technology and modern decorative art, in large-scale urban sculpture, landscape design and copper decoration project to achieve a certain result, and combined with many materials and process characteristics, the traditional technology and modern production technology, to obtain more than 60 patents authorized, Many of the invention patents were identified as the leading domestic level, the company was awarded high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, QINGPU Patent pilot Enterprises and QINGPU cultural creative enterprises. Architectural copper decoration, the traditional metal processing technology and modern architectural decoration design combined to large industrial production mode and market-oriented operation, with the construction of indoor and outdoor decoration, to give the modern meaning of arts and crafts. Architectural copper decoration in the field of construction has a variety of uses, it can be used in the external surface of the copper curtain wall, copper doors and windows, but also can be used as a building decoration of the copper decorative plate, copper screen, copper relief, copper murals, household items. In the choice of copper building decoration materials increasingly diversified today, copper because of its unique aesthetic, long-term vitality, environmental protection and high-quality stand out, the industry and ordinary consumers are favored. The basic elements of this technique is to rely on the traditional arts and crafts techniques, combined with the main aesthetic requirements of the decorative doctrine, a variety of processes through the traditional production methods, organically combined, reasonably used in some of the practical functions of the building decoration, can not only display the effect of the arts and crafts independently from the appearance, It can also be matched with the building decoration work to meet the functional requirements in terms of use. The company and Li Siyue through years of process research, combined with the company's dozens of patents and proprietary technology, formed a full set of "architectural copper decoration skills", has been able to master and use very skillfully, in the company for many years in the engineering case has been widely used in such processes, and be related to the recognition and honor. 2018, the company developed "Architectural Copper decoration Technology" by the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association recognized as "Shanghai Traditional Arts and Crafts technology", Mr. Li Siyue was identified as the successor. Construction copper decoration technology used in the national key construction projects are: The Great Hall of State banquet and Shanghai Hall, the Supreme People's Republic of China, Luoyang Sui and Tang Ruins Park, Nanjing Niushoushan Palace, Shanghai Disneyland, G20 Summit (2016) main venue-Hangzhou International Expo Center, 2017 BRICS summit main venue-Xiamen International Conference Center, 2018 SCO summit main venue-Qingdao International Convention Center, 2018


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