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Cullex Repello

autorzy: Nik Amira Batrisyia Hazlan Nur Amirah Sofea Saiful Anuar Afiqah Farhani Ahmad Fuad

Cullex Repello, a pot that is capable of repelling mosquitoes. The demand on mosquito repellents has undoubtedly increased in conjunction to the Zika Virus and dengue fever issues. We proposed to come out with an eco-friendly mosquito repellant pot. Basically, we have added the aeroponic structure to our project. There are two components to this project; the base pot and the main pots. The base pot is attached to rubber tubes which will spray out an extract to the main pots (coir). The extract consists of citronella extract which are natural resources that are perfect for repelling mosquitoes. Compared to other types of mosquito repellents that have been commercialized, this project has lots of advantages. Other mosquito repellents are not as eco-friendly as ours. By means, this pot is important in saving the environment. Not only that but our Cullex Repello saves cost as well. With that, we are certain that this pot will make a change in the world

Środowisko / Chemia / Biotechnologia / Nanotechnologia

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