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NOURAIN Beauty Soap


Skincare is very important to every person on earth as it represents confidence to people. However, some people have problems with their skin condition. In addition to that, bad air pollutions worsen their skin more. So, this personal care product came up with beauty soap helps to tackle this problem especially for face. It is an innovative soap formulation from locally Palm Oil (Elaeis guineensis) as its main ingredient. The ability of palm oil in restoring hydration gives advantage to the soap in sealing moisture in skin. Used topically, it is suitable for use in sensitive skin. The ingredient helps to nourish the problematic skin. Furthermore, this soap helps in treating acnes and clogged pores. It promotes a smooth face and makes the skin appears more glowing. It is an all-round product, so it suits the men and women for all ages. This product is a collaborate work University-industry between UiTM and Elsuhaz (M) Sdn. Bhd. It is already been commercialized and one of the breakthrough products in market.

Zdrowie / Medycyna / Fitness

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