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Alexandria Water Company

This review article outlines an overview of new trends and modern approaches for practical implementation of magnetic water treatment to eliminate scaling salts (carbonate, chloride and sulfate salts of Ca2+ , Mg2+ , Fe2+ and Fe3+ cations) in power heat-exchanger devices and pipe lines. The principles of physical effects of the magnetic field on H2O molecules as well as the parameters of physico-chemical processes occurring in water and the behavior of the dissolved in water scaling salts subjected to the magnetic treatment are discussed. It is demonstrated that the effect of the magnetic field on water is a complex multifactorial phenomenon resulted in changes of the structure of hydrated ions as well as the physico-chemical properties. In our project we discuss the impact of magnetic water on energy, electricity consumption, agriculture, plant growth, medical treatment, fish farms and environment, as well as the impact of magnetic field on conventional methods for water treatment and desalination process.


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